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Google’s Panic Button Lets You Quickly Clear 15 Minutes of Search History

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Google will introduce a kind of panic button that lets you delete the last fifteen minutes of your search history with two clicks.


It concerns a privacy function in the Google app that already exists on iOS but is also coming to Android. You will find them in your Google profile (when you are logged in to Google, of course), where with a press of the new button, the past fifteen minutes of your search history will be deleted.

Google has been saving your search history for ages, but it also allows you to delete it for a while. You can find all that under My Activity. Those who use the computer can, for example, set that history to be erased every three, eighteen or 36 months or can manually retrieve things from that database.

On mobile, you get an extra, slightly faster option that seems to us primarily made for when a roommate wants to borrow your smartphone ‘to look up something’. Incidentally, for those with really disturbingly curious roommates, there’s also the option to encrypt your search history with a password; you can also find those on the Activity page mentioned above.

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