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KLM is Temporarily Not Allowed to Transport Passengers to Hong Kong

0 21,017

Airline KLM is temporarily not allowed to transport passengers to Hong Kong. The company confirmed reports about this in the Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post.


According to that newspaper, KLM is being punished under stringent corona rules in the city-state, and the suspension will last until December 17. KLM itself says it is still in talks with Hong Kong authorities about the duration of the suspension.

As long as KLM is not allowed to transport passengers to Hong Kong, the airline will only fly cargo there. On the way back from Asia, KLM will take both passengers and cargo with it.

According to the South China Morning Post, Hong Kong recently tightened its airline rules to combat imported corona cases.

If there is one person on a flight who tests positive and another person who does not comply with all Hong Kong rules, such as showing evidence of a 14-day stay in a hotel, this could mean a suspension for the carrier.

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