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The US is Spending Millions on Getting People on Vaccine

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The US government has earmarked $ 250 million for an information campaign to convince people to get vaccinated against the coronavirus.


A plan to involve celebrities to spread that message has been scrapped after the political disagreement, reports The New York Times.

Many Americans are suspicious of a vaccine. A recent poll shows that 21 percent of adults do not want to be vaccinated. They are “pretty sure” that they will not change their mind when they get more information. About 60 percent of Americans are “definitely” or “likely” to get vaccinated.

Doubters must now be convinced through posts on social media, the radio and in print media. Television commercials will also follow later.

According to the newspaper, the government actually wanted to include stars who were optimistic about President Donald Trump. That sparked criticism from the Democrats and the proposal has been dropped.

In the US, the first people will be vaccinated this week with the corona vaccine from the companies Pfizer and BioNTech. The FDA regulator gave the green light for this last week. Then a large distribution operation got underway to bring the drug to hospitals.

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