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Macron Very Shocked By Police Brutality Against the Black Man

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French President Emmanuel Macron is “very shocked” by the images of the police in Paris beating a black man.


The French channel BFMTV quotes from a response from the Elysée because Macron has not yet spoken publicly about the images.

The French news site Loopsider published a video of the abuse in the music studio in Paris on Thursday. Images from a security camera show how several police officers beat the music producer for minutes. The man also says he has been treated racially.

The incident took place on November 21. Some officers were suspended after the images surfaced. The French authorities will investigate the incident further.

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin told France 2 on Thursday that if the allegations are confirmed, the agents will be punished.

The victim told French media that the abuse took place after walking around the street without a mask, which is prohibited under French corona rules.

When he saw a police car, he entered his music studio to avoid being fined. The police then followed him and began to attack him physically and to treat him racially.

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