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Microsoft Releases Tabs and More for File Explorer

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The Windows Explorer that you can use to browse your own PC will receive an update in Windows 11. The new design also includes tabs.


Microsoft shows the new look on its blog. There, the tech giant makes it clear that Explorer and Windows 365 are being pimped. The intention is to allow users to work more hybrid and thus give you easier access to all kinds of environments in your company’s cloud.

On the other hand, the company itself also provides better endpoint management and new security functions, such as phishing.

Examples of the new features for employees are a ‘Windows 365 Boot’ that allows you to boot the PC directly into your Windows 365 cloud environment. Microsoft also wants to provide a kind of switch with which you have multiple desktops, one with your local environment and one in Windows 365. An offline version of that environment will also be rolled out later.

But then there are also those tabs. Microsoft promises an update to the Explorer that allows you to open multiple tabs simultaneously, like in your browser. This is in contrast to the current system, where you open multiple windows.

The search function is also being improved with something Microsoft calls ‘Context IQ’, a kind of AI that should guide you more quickly to your searched documents with environmental hints.

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