Russia: Ukraine Fakes More Murder Scenes

Special Ukrainian units are, according to Moscow, busy creating staged images of “peaceful civilians” who are said to have been murdered by Russians in several places.


The images should be circulated in Western media and show that the Russian armed forces committed war crimes. For example, they should encourage countries to take even more actions against Russia.

The Russian defence spokesman, General Igor Konoshenko, mentioned as an example the village of Moshchun, where recordings were said to have been made on Monday evening. However, he did not provide any evidence for his allegations.

Moshchun is located 6 kilometres from Butsha, where, according to Ukraine, the Russians killed hundreds of civilians. The authenticity of the images from Boetsja cannot be verified, nor can the identity and origin of the victims. There has been fierce fighting for Bucha since the Russians took the strategic airport next door in the February raid. There have been casualties.

According to Konoshenko, Ukraine is engaged in such propaganda stunts in more places. He mentions Sumi and Konotop, both a few hundred kilometres east of Kyiv.

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