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Morocco is Gradually and Locally Relaxing Corona Measures

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The Moroccan government has announced that the tight lockdown in the country will be eased gradually tonight and not everywhere at once.


In principle, the state of emergency declared March 20 to stop the spread of the coronavirus will remain in effect for another month, until the evening of July 10.

However, in a part of the country, which has been labelled ‘zone 1’, the restrictions imposed immediately are being relaxed.

However, this does not include the cities of Casablanca, Fès, Marrakesh, Rabat and Tangier. According to Moroccan media, they are in ‘zone 2’, where strict restrictions remain in force.

In a week, we will see if more is relaxed. In zone 1 most activities are resumed and public transport functions for half of the average number of travellers.

People in zone 1 no longer need to have urgent reasons and special permission from the local authorities to set off.

Yet, the freedom of movement is limited to movements in the province where one lives.

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