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North Korea Cuts All Communications With Its Neighbour South Korea

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North Korea cuts all communications with its neighbour South Korea. The country does so out of dissatisfaction with the propaganda that South Korea spreads in the north via balloons.


Meanwhile, the UN warns of rising food shortages and widespread famine in North Korea.

For two years now, there has been daily contact between the two Koreas and their armies.

This is done via several direct telephone lines. But North Korea is no longer answering the phone. That says the North Korean news agency.

The telephone line in the liaison office between the two countries, in the border town of Kaesong, is also being closed for the time being.

The cause of the conflict in South Korea’s “hostile acts”. North Korea is talking mainly about the balloons with hundreds of thousands of “information leaflets” released from the south.

In doing so, North Korean refugees are trying to inform the people of North Korea about human rights violations and the nuclear weapons program.

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