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Musk Expects to Build 20 Million Teslas Per Year by 2030

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Elon Musk thinks Tesla can make 20 million cars annually by 2030. The CEO of the American maker of electric cars made his statements on Twitter.


The goal is ambitious, as 365,000 Teslas rolled off the line last year.

Musk also recognizes the latter. He indicates that a “consistently excellent execution” of the construction process is necessary for this.

The plan for a cheaper, small $ 25,000 Tesla may also play an essential role in achieving such numbers. Musk recently mentioned that car for the first time.

Musk also expects all automakers to produce 30 million electric cars per year within seven years.

This may also be feasible in six or five years, but he considers the latter unlikely. “An extra year makes a huge difference when it comes to exponential growth.”

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