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Samsung is Considering Postponement of New Smartphone Due to Chip Shortage

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South Korean technology company Samsung Electronics is considering postponing a new smartphone model later this year due to a shortage of computer chips.


This problem mainly used in the automotive sector, but technology companies are now also expressing their concerns about the issue.

Usually, Samsung will release a new Galaxy Note in the second half of the year, but that could be postponed to next year, said fellow CEO Koh Dong-jin. The Galaxy Note is one of Samsung’s best-selling models.

As a significant chipmaker, Samsung says there is a “serious imbalance” in the semiconductor industry. Due to the solid demand for home office and entertainment items in the corona era, such as computers, laptops and game consoles, there is a severe shortage of chips in the automotive sector. Large car companies, therefore, have to interrupt their production.

Samsung also suffered a power grid failure due to severe winter weather at a chip factory in the US state of Texas in February. Production at the Austin plant has not yet fully recovered.

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