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Secret Service Arrests Armed Man at Official Residence of American Vice President

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An armed man from the US state of Texas has been arrested in Washington near Vice President Kamala Harris’s official residence.


Secret Service reports that, which is responsible for, among other things, the president’s security and the vice president. Harris and her husband were not in the home because the property is still under construction.

Suspect Paul Murray, 31, from San Antonio, was arrested around noon by uniformed Secret Service agents on a nearby street of the vice president’s official residence. Murray was subsequently arrested and charged with illegally carrying one or more firearms.

Washington police report that security around the property was extra vigilant in response to a news report that originally came from Texas. The police did not want to make any further statements about the content of that message.

A reporter from a Fox News affiliated news outlet in Washington posted a message on Twitter from Texas police warning of Murray allegedly suffering from delusions and paranoia. Murray is said to fear that the military and government want to kill him.

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