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An Investigation into Prime Minister Norway’s Birthday Party

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A police investigation started on Friday into the birthday party of Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg.


The prime minister turned sixty and celebrated it last month with her extended family in a ski resort about 150 kilometres northwest of Oslo.

Norwegian media have reported that more than ten people were together on at least two occasions, which is not allowed according to Norwegian corona restrictions.

Solberg said on TV Thursday evening that she should have been better informed. During her birthday party in Geilo, there was dinner with more than ten people at the restaurant table. Later, Solberg was also in a rented apartment, where at least fourteen people ate sushi together.

The police are investigating exactly what happened, and later, a prosecutor must determine whether further steps are to be taken.

The Scandinavian country, with nearly 5.5 million inhabitants, has 44 corona patients who are very seriously ill. In Norway, nearly 650 people with a corona infection have died.

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