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Suspected Gunman Chased and Killed by Partygoers in the US

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In the United States, some guests chased a man who allegedly fired shots at a party in Fort Worth, Texas. The suspected perpetrator was pelted with stones and died on the spot from his injuries.


One of the pursuers was also killed, police said. Three other people were injured.

Police say the man got into an argument with other guests at a garden party Monday night and injured at least one of them with gunshots. Other guests then gave chase and threw rocks at the shooter.

The fleeing man shot at his pursuers, and during a scuffle, one of them was killed and another wounded. The suspected perpetrator was beaten with a stone several times and later pronounced dead at the scene, the police report said.

A police spokesperson warned that it is not the intention to apprehend shooters on your own. That should be left to the police, he said.

There are always fatal incidents with weapons in the US, which are very easy to buy in the country. On average, dozens of people are killed every day.

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