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The US Wants Israel to Severely Curtail Ties With China

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The United States wants Israel to have a less close relationship with China. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made that clear during a short visit to Israel, Israeli media report.


Israel should severely curtail its economic ties.

The Americans do not want countries to become too dependent on communist dictatorship. The US itself is also revising its relationship with the Chinese.

US President Donald Trump and Pompeo repeatedly lash out at the Beijing regime, lately also regarding the Chinese origin of the coronavirus.

In Jerusalem, Pompeo once again blamed China for withholding information about the outbreak.

Pompeo’s visit to Israel is the minister’s first foreign trip since March. The minister said that Trump’s controversial “peace vision” for Israel and the Palestinians should be speeded up.

The Palestinians immediately referred that plan from January to the trash.

Pompeo discussed the Trump proposal for the Middle East with Israel’s new dual leadership: Benjamin Netanyahu and his coalition partner Benny Gantz.

They will repay each other every 1.5 years as prime minister. The new government will be sworn in on Thursday.

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