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Wuhan to Test the Entire Population for Coronavirus

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The authorities in the Chinese metropolis of Wuhan may test the entire population for the coronavirus.


Chinese state media reports that local authorities in the metropolis have been ordered to draw up plans for testing residents.

In the metropolis, where the pandemic started, new infections have been detected in recent days. It is still unclear when the mass testing of residents should start.

A local official in Dongxihu District said that he had not yet heard about the plan.

The coronavirus emerged late last year in Wuhan, which is home to some 11 million people. Scientists suspect that the virus has spread from humans to humans in a market.

According to official figures, some 3,869 patients have died in the city since then.

The lockdown in the city has been lifted in early April and elsewhere in the country, the virus outbreak appears to be largely under control.

However, the authorities fear that the virus will spread again and, among other things, most foreigners refuse entry to China.

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