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Three Iranians Arrested for Selling Babies on Instagram

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The Iranian police arrested three men who wanted to sell babies via Instagram. The babies were offered for prices between 8,800 and 122000 pounds.


A 20-day baby and a 2-month-old baby have been rescued from the baby gang, CNN writes. The identity of a third baby is known, says the Tehran police chief, but that baby is still missing.

The rescued babies were advertised on Instagram. A baby was put up for sale for 400 million Iranian rials, or nearly 8,100 pounds.

The price for the other baby was 500 million rials, about 10,000 pounds. The young children were bought from ‘poor families’, who received around 1000 pounds and 2200 pounds for it, CNN knows.

A spokesperson for Facebook, the parent company of Instagram, informs CNN that the company is investigating the practices.

“We do not allow any content or behaviour that leads to exploitation, which includes selling children for illegal adoption. We are aware of the reports and are continuing our investigation.”

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