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Trump Calls on Supporters to Keep An Eye on Polling Stations

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US President Donald Trump has called on his supporters in the first election debate to keep an eye on polling stations during the November 3 election.


Trump reiterated his earlier unsubstantiated claims that he believes large-scale postal voting will lead to electoral fraud.

In the final part of the electoral debate, which dealt with the integrity of the election, Biden again called on all Americans to vote.

“Trump is trying to discourage and scare people,” he blamed the president. Biden pledged to accept his loss if Trump wins the election. “Vote,” he said when addressing voters directly. “You are in control of what happens to this country.”

Trump then launched a tirade on the Democrats. Among other things, he accused the Democrats of spying on his campaign team in 2016 and said the Democrats were attempting a coup.

Trump called large-scale postal voting in the upcoming elections “a disaster” and claimed that ballots from his constituents had already been found in trash cans and streams. “This is going to be a fraud you have never seen before,” said the president.

After moderator Chris Wallace asked candidates whether they pledged not to claim the election winnings early, Biden agreed. Trump subsequently accused the Democrats of “cheating” and called on his supporters to keep a massive watch on polling stations during the November elections.

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