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What are the Features of Modern Cabinet Hinges?

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Cabinet hinges are the necessary hardware that complements your cabinet and provides different levels of comfort you want. Unfortunately, today, multiple hinges designs are available in the market, which confuses every first-time buyer.

Do you know that cabinet hinges have some properties/features that represent how they are used and the comfort they serve? This blog will give you a crisp knowledge of the characteristics of modern cabinet hinges.

Decorative Hinges:

Decorative hinges focus more on cosmetic appearance. However, they are also functional for daily usage. Decorative hinges are highly preferred when customers/homeowners want a specific look for their kitchen or specific cabinet. In these hinges types, aesthetic looks are more considered without compromising their functionality. Some decorative hinges are installed outside the cabinet door, while some are installed inside the doors.

Demountable Hinges:

The name explains it well! Demountable hinges are used in cabinet doors that are easy to remove and clean. These hinges are used primarily in kitchen cabinets where you want to deep clean the cabinets without removing entire hardware or the need of professionals. The demountable hinges can be removed from either side.

This makes it easy to slip off the door whenever needed with a simple hinge removal process. The best part of double-sided hinges is that they don’t require screws and are easy to demount.

Heavy Duty Hinges:

Heavy-duty hinges are primarily used for industrial purposes. They are built to hold heavyweights. That’s the reason you can see these heavy-duty hinges in hospitals, big manufacturing firms, military facilities, and more. Interestingly, you can use some of the designs for home purposes as well. However, you should know that they are a bit heavy compared to other cabinet hinge designs.

Hidden Hinges:

Hidden hinges are not visible from the outside. They are installed to give an appealing look to your cabinet. That’s the reason they are also called invisible hinges, where you won’t see them. These hinges are attached to the cabinet door and frame without making an appearance outside. The hidden hinges are highly preferred when you don’t want to affect the overall appearance of your cabinet.

Self-Closing Hinges:

Modern cabinet hinges have the trait of self-closing. It means you don’t need to put effort to open or close the cabinet door. The doors auto-close without force exertion. These hinges have a spring system, which brings the cabinet door back to its place. Modern hinges also have a hydraulic design that ensures the doors are closed automatically. Lift-up cabinet hinges have a hydraulic design that is used for overhead cabinets.

Soft Close Hinges:

Yes, these are also self-closing hinges but are different to some extent. In soft-close, you need to put a bit of force when closing the cabinet door. It will automatically close after a small force. Some soft close hinges also have a hydraulic design, but they need a minor force exertion.

So, these are some traits of modern cabinet hinges which you should know before selecting a perfect hinge for your kitchen, office, or other cabinets.

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