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Working as Nanny for Children with Special Needs

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Beverly Hills is the place of opportunities if you want to work as special children’s nanny.


This position depends on the following things:

  • AGE, GENDER AND NUMER of the children matters a lot. One should see that how many children there are in a family and what is their age once you decide to take the job?
  • CULTURAL DIFFERENCES AND INTERESTS of the family also should be considered before taking the job.
  • TYPE OF DISABILITY must be observed before considering taking the job. Which kind of mental, physical or emotional disability is the child suffering from should be noted?

 If you have previous working experience with disabled kids, the chances are that you will get the very good amount of salary.


It is a term proposed by the scientists, psychologists, educators and counsellors to explain the disability of a child suffering from the emotional or mental disease.


This can be diagnosed at a young age when your child is facing some mental or physical challenge. Consult a doctor or a physician immediately he/she might help you to cure this illness.


Once you have decided to work with a family go deep into it and inquire all the relevant places regarding the child’s health. Either it’s his school or doctor. But you should complete the counter checking process with great diplomacy. Try not to upset the family of the child as it’s a very sensitive area.


Following are the most common disabilities found in children these days

  • Autism
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).


Do ask yourself this question when you decide to work as a nanny for children diagnosed with disabilities that do you really want to work for them? Because working for such kid is a challenging task. You might want to baby sit some normal kid instead of a disabled kid. But still if you are willing to work for such kids do join few courses offered at your school or college. They might teach you how to take care of someone with such illness.

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