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First Corona Infections Reported in Portugal

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In Portugal, for the first time, infections with the new coronavirus were reported. These are two men who have recently returned from abroad, says Health Minister Marta Temido.


According to the minister, one of the infected men was recently in Italy, the European country most affected by the virus.

The other man had visited Valencia in Spain. Both patients have been transferred to a hospital in Porto. Their condition would be stable.

In the country, a Chinese tourist was also taken off a train at night. He complained about fever, cough and sore throat. Authorities say other passengers are being watched.

Around 90,000 corona cases have already been reported worldwide in dozens of countries. More than 3000 patients have died.

The virus is also emerging in more and more European countries. Andorra reported the first illness on Monday. It is about a man who was recently in Milan.

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