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Huawei May Participate to A Limited Extent in The Expansion Of 5g in the UK

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The Chinese telecom giant Huawei may – albeit to a limited extent – cooperate with the development of the 5G network in the United Kingdom. 5G is the super-fast mobile internet of the future.


The British decision is striking because the United States had previously insisted on not engaging with Huawei. The US has already reacted disappointedly.

Huawei, although a “high-risk supplier” for the British National Security Council, may participate in the development of the 5G network, the British government does impose restrictions on the Chinese company.

Huawei can only deliver 35 percent of “the non-sensitive installation” and is excluded from the core elements for 5G and gigabit networks. The Chinese are entirely excluded from sensitive locations such as nuclear sites and military bases.

“And there is also a special agency in the UK that will be in charge of shadowing Huawei,” Lia van Bekhoven, a London correspondent, also says.

Why is Huawei not entirely excluded? “Because Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants the United Kingdom to remain, or become, the international leader in telecommunications. That means a fast construction of G5.

And there is simply no one who can handle such a job, or can do it cheaper than Moreover, Huawei was already involved in the construction of the previous technology 4G, and the next step is not entirely unrelated to that. “

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