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Putin Sworn in for a New Term

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In the Kremlin Vladimir Putin was sworn in for his fourth term as president of Russia. Thousands of guests witnessed how Putin took an oath on the constitution in a gold-plated room.


In a speech, he thanked the people for their trust. The 65-year-old Putin has been reigning for eighteen years, of which four years as prime minister. For the last six years, Dmitry Medvedev was the Prime Minister under Putin, and he has nominated him again, published by the eMedium.

Striking detail: Putin arrived in a Russian-style limousine before the ceremony. The president wants to make the country less dependent on foreign countries, and a Russian car manufacturer will be able to help him. The oldest Russian car manufacturer, ZIL, where former Soviet leaders were transported, was dissolved in 2013.

Putin was elected president again in March, for a term of six years. He received 77 percent of the votes.

His most significant rival Aleksej Navalny, who was not allowed to participate in the elections, was arrested on Sunday at a demonstration in Moscow. Thousands of demonstrators in Russia took to the streets to protest against the new swearing.

Before, during and after the swearing in, every step of Putin was recorded by cameras. View an accelerated impression here:

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