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TikTok Threatens to Go to Court for Trump’s Decree

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The popular video app TikTok is threatening to go to American court over Donald Trump’s presidential decree, the company writes in a blog post on the website.


Trump has prohibited transactions with the Chinese parent company ByteDance. TikTok says to be “shocked”. “The decree was issued without any fair trial,” the company said.

For more than a year, the movie app with the US government has been trying to find a solution, the company writes. Trump fears that ByteDance will pass on information about US citizens to the Chinese government via the app. The company itself has denied that.

TikTok is even ready to take over the American branch entirely by an American company. TikTok is now investigating all options to prevent circumvention of the rule of law and fair treatment for both TikTok and its users.

Trump last night signed a presidential decree banning transactions with ByteDance in 45 days. On Monday, the president accepted the possibility that a US group would buy the platform that allows users to share short videos.

But that must be done before September 15th. Microsoft is in negotiations with ByteDance about an acquisition.

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