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Trump Buys All Youtube Advertising Space on Election Day

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There will only be one candidate in the commercials on YouTube in the run-up to the US presidential election and on election day itself: current US president Donald Trump. His team bought up all the advertising space for that period.


The presidential election takes place on November 3 this year, the advertising space was purchased for “early November”, and on November 3 itself. The costs for this are estimated at one million dollars per day.

A campaign team usually distributes specially selected messages to specific online target groups. With this move, Trump changes his team that, the same advertising message can be seen all over the country on Youtube.

According to Brad Parscale, Trump’s campaign leader, his team can spend $ 500 million on digital campaigning.

Youtube has not yet responded to this deal but has already indicated that it is not uncommon for politicians to buy online advertising space.

“Every advertiser must go through the same process and may buy advertising space as long as the message is in line with our guidelines,” a YouTube spokesperson told the Bloomberg news agency.

In 2012, the Barack Obama campaign team bought the advertising space from Youtube, even before Mitt Romney was chosen as the Republican candidate.

“That is the result of a structural problem when a seated candidate faces someone who has yet to be elected,” said Teddy Goff, who was digital director under Obama.

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