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Two Teenagers Died in an Accident with Tesla

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Two Teenagers Died in an Accident with Tesla. The American transport watchdog NTSB is investigating a new fatal accident with a Tesla. In an accident with a Tesla in the US state of Florida, two teenagers were killed on Tuesday night local time.


The teenagers made a ride with a Tesla S. The car collided with a concrete wall and caught fire. The driver and his passenger, two boys aged 18, were killed. A third teenager, who sat at the back, was hurled out of the car and was injured.

According to the Planet Blog, the American transport watchdog NTSB has started an investigation. It is now the fourth investigation into a fatal accident with a Tesla.

From the first observations, it appears that the battery of the car has flown in the fire. There are currently no indications that the autopilot has to deal with the accident, the regulator reports. According to the police, the high speed played a role in the crash.

Tesla cooperates with the research. The company of Elon Musk points out that a high-speed crash can lead to fire with every type of vehicle.

In recent months, several massive traffic accidents happened with Teslas. In March there was another major accident with a Tesla X in California, with the autopilot function turned on.

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