Types of Cyber Security

The world we know today is digitizing at a pace more rapid than one would like to be comfortable with. There is just so much happening on so many different levels that keeping a check on it all is becoming a challenge for those associated with the industry today. Cybersecurity is a practice that has been implemented to protect the processes, networks, and systems that are a part of this growing industry.

When you talk about cyber Essentials, you actually are talking about different layers of this cyber-physical world which are being affected because of impending risks and threats.

This is the infrastructure that forms the basis of our society. This would include the support about water purification, electricity grid, hospitals, traffic lights, etc. Not only are they of critical nature but also something we rely heavily on as a society. To keep such infrastructures protected and secured, organizations have to take diligent steps and come up with contingency plans to take precautions pre-emptively.

This is the area where we protect networks intrusions as well as the malicious people who are a part of the organization. This, however, comes at a price we need to pay in the form of certain trade-offs: more logins, higher security, long procedures etc. This is not only inconvenient but can bring down productivity too.

Cloud security
The enterprises are now growing to make cloud networks a part of their infrastructure. It is convenient, saves a lot of money but comes with a lot of challenges too. The year 2017 was all about security breaches in the poorly administered cloud networks. As a part of cybersecurity, new tools are being created to help make this part of the digital world more secure for the industries that are stepping into it.

The digital world is revolving around mobiles and web currently. This is the reason why the security of mobile as well as the web applications have come to concern the authorities around gravely. Apart from implementing the OWASP protocols, the companies need to take sensible steps to make their networks more secure. After all, it is not just their network that is at risk but also of everyone else who comes to be a part of this application.

Internet of Things
This is a rather broad term used to refer to smart things around us including but not limited to sensors, appliances, security cameras, and printers. They often reside on the borderline of cyber and cyber-physical systems. A threat to these devices is a threat to the network and people who use them. This is why the security of IoT is a challenge for users as well as the society on the whole.

For more information on how you can make the cybersecurity an integral part of your system, do read more about cyber essentials certification. With you being fully informed, you will be more prepared to do whatever it takes to make the cyberspace around you more secure.

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