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Will Vladimir Putin Remain President of Russia Even Longer?

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In Russia, the Parliament today discussed a second time on President Vladimir Putin’s proposal to amend the constitution.


A fellow party member of Putin also tabled an amendment to the bill, which would allow Putin to retake part in the presidential elections in 2024. The Russian President is not in itself against that amendment, he said, but the Constitutional Court must first approve it.

In January this year, Putin submitted a bill to amend the Constitution of Russia. Among other things, the Parliament would be given more power, and possibly the provisions on the President’s terms of office would also be adjusted.

In fact, the current constitution states that the President may perform a maximum of two consecutive terms of office, each lasting 6 years.

The proposal to change the constitution was read a second time today and amended by the Duma, the lower house of the Russian Parliament.

Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman who came into space in 1963 and is also a member of the Putin party, today submitted an amendment to the proposal.

This amendment would remove the limit on the number of terms that a Russian president may perform. A second possibility is that with the entry into force of the new constitution, all terms of former or current presidents – such as Putin – will expire.

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