Should I Have A Breast Enlargement in Turkey?

A short answer would be “of course you should, why shouldn’t you?” And for a more detailed answer with reasoning, welcome to this very article.

In the times when we were not living in a global world, our options were limited. We could only have plastic surgery treatment in our home country. This was one reason why, for so long, plastic surgery treatments were exclusive to the rich. Thanks to globalisation and medical tourism, we now can easily travel to the countries where we can access affordable plastic surgery treatments, including breast enlargement surgery.

During the last decade, Turkey has become the kingdom of medical tourism.  Patients from all corners of the world travel to Turkey to have their treatments, including plastic surgery treatments. There are a variety of reasons making Turkey the top destination from geographical location to visa-free travel, especially for European patients. However, the main reason that explains Turkey’s popularity is, unarguably, access to high-quality medical treatment at affordable costs.

Breast Enlargement in Turkey

Breast enlargement, also known as a boob job, breast augmentation or breast implant surgery, is a surgical procedure aiming to improve the breasts’ size, shape, and fullness. In addition to cosmetic reasons, breast enlargement surgery can also be performed for reconstructive purposes to reconstruct the breasts after breast cancer surgery. Breast enlargement is the most preferred and performed plastic surgery treatment globally. Every year, an increasing number of women worldwide choose to undergo breast augmentation surgery to improve the size and shape of their breasts.

Most patients from the UK who would like to have breast enlargement surgery choose to have their treatment abroad. And Turkey is their favourite destination. Turkey is only three and a half hour flight away from the UK. There are frequent flights to Istanbul from across the UK at very affordable prices to pay more for a train ticket for domestic travel in the UK. And Turkey does not require visas from British citizens for their stay up to 90 days. So, yes, it is very easy to travel to Turkey from the UK. Plus, Istanbul is one of the historical cities that never ceases to amaze us. On that note, if you have never been to Istanbul, you should!

Of course, these are some add-on benefits of having your breast enlargement surgery in Turkey. The main reason why you should have your breast augmentation in Turkey is the quality treatment at affordable costs. Thanks to medical tourism, plastic surgeons in Turkey are highly experienced working with patients from diverse backgrounds. You may ask “so, experienced and highly-qualified surgeons, how come is breast enlargement very affordable in Turkey?” It is because of lower labour and operational costs. This is the reason behind Turkey’s ability to offer high-quality and affordable breast implants.

There are very reputable medical travel companies in Istanbul that offer all-inclusive breast enlargement packages that include accommodation and all transfers in Istanbul. MCAN Health also offers an in-house nurse service who supports the patients during their hotel stay as well. So, you do not need to worry about “being lonely” in Turkey after your surgery, you will have a lovely nurse taking care of you with all your needs. As long as you choose the right clinic, you should have your breast enlargement surgery in Turkey, why should not you?

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