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Twitter Again Posts An Announcement With Trump’s Tweet

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Twitter posted a statement on a message from US President Donald Trump on Sunday.


In that tweet, Trump criticized the mailboxes the Democrats are promoting as an option for voters in November. According to Twitter, Trump’s message violates company policy of “social and election integrity.”

“So now the Democrats are using mailboxes, which are a disaster for election security? They make it possible, among other things, to vote multiple times.

Besides, who controls them, are they placed in Republican or Democratic neighbourhoods? They have not been decontaminated. of the corona. A major fraud! “, Trump said Sunday morning.

In addition to a statement, Twitter said that it had left Trump’s tweet because “it may be in the public interest that the tweet remains accessible”.

Democrats in multiple states encourage post office box placement as a convenient and reliable option for voters who don’t trust the postal service with their vote.

Republican officials in some states have already stopped the use of the mailboxes.

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