Kremlin Calls Leaked Confidential Documents Interesting: Everyone Analyzes Them Extensively

The leaked confidential American documents about, among other things, the war in Ukraine aroused the interest of the Kremlin in Moscow. “The leaks are quite interesting; everyone is studying, analyzing and discussing them widely,” spokesman Dmitri Peskov said.

The leak, revealed last week by The New York Times, concerns US intelligence assessments and reports linked to the war in Ukraine and US allies.

On Friday, after the first leaked documents, Peskov had already said they would show how deeply involved the US and NATO countries are in the war in Ukraine.

Peskov also responded to reports that the Americans had spied on Zelensky. “That cannot be ruled out,” he said. Peskov said that there were already such scandals in the past. For example, in 2013, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was outraged because the US secret service had tapped her mobile phone.

According to the American channel CNN, the Ukrainian leadership is annoyed about the publication of the documents. According to CNN, the country has already changed some of its military plans on the authority of Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky’s entourage.

One of those documents also shows that the US spied on Zelensky. That is unsurprising, but the Ukrainians are frustrated by the leak.

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