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Apple Starts Its Own Lawsuit Against Epic Games

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In the other rippling soap around payment systems in the game Fortnite, Apple has now sued Epic Games itself.


Apple is demanding compensation from Epic Games because it allegedly failed to fulfil its obligations.

The feud between the two companies started when Epic Games introduced a payment system in the iOS version of the popular game Fortnite, which bypassed Apple’s system. That’s a breach of contract, Apple now says.

Apple’s indictment states, among other things, that developers who put an app on the App Store enter into a contractual relationship with it.

Apple provides the platform and some marketing, and the developers must follow the rules for their part. According to the charges, Apple has adhered to all of these agreements, but Epic Games has not.

The game developer is said to have violated those rules when it built an external payment mechanism into Fortnite in mid-August that it bypassed Apple’s system.

Apple creams thirty percent of all revenue in iOS apps, which is too much according to Epic. That’s why it came up with an alternative. However, that 30% commission on all earnings, Apple notes, is also in the License Agreement signed by Epic Games.

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