Microsoft Comes with AI Assistant for Word and Email

Two days after an announcement from Google, Microsoft also announced the addition of artificial intelligence (AI) based assistant to its office software.

All parts of its Office package, including the word processor Word, spreadsheet program Excel, PowerPoint and e-mail program Outlook, will receive such an assistant based on the latest AI software from Microsoft’s partner OpenAI. That software, called GPT-4, was unveiled earlier this week.

The new assistants, which Microsoft calls copilots, can create entire documents, presentations or emails. The AI assistants use company emails and video calls to read and listen. The assistants will become widely available in the coming months, but Microsoft is already testing them with twenty companies.

Google announced earlier this week that it would add AI assistants to its office software suite, such as Google Docs and Gmail. Other developers could also use some AI models that form the basis for new functions. The company will also collaborate with several AI-focused companies and start-ups.

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