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Apple Calls Back Part 15 Inch MacBook Pros For The Battery Problem

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Apple calls back part 15 inch MacBook Pros for the battery problem. Apple recalls part of the 15-inch MacBook Pro models from between 2015 and 2017 due to battery problems.


The batteries of the laptops can overheat, Apple states in a statement.

Users can have the battery replaced for free by a safe one at an Apple Store or authorised repair company.

The company advises users not to use the laptops until that time.

Apple has a special page where users can enter the serial number of their MacBook Pro.

They then see whether their laptop is indeed among the affected models, and see what the next steps are.

According to Apple, the battery problems only occur with the previous-generation MacBook Pro in the 15-inch format.

Other 15-inch MacBook Pros and other Apple laptops do not have an overheating battery.

Apple introduced a new model of the MacBook Pro in 2016, with a new type of keyboard.

Jammed keys plague these so-called butterfly keys due to crumbs and dust.

For those MacBooks, there has been a free repair program for some time.

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