The world we know today is digitizing at a pace more rapid than one would like to be comfortable with. There is just so much happening on so many different levels that keeping a check on it all is becoming a challenge for those associated with the industry today. Cybersecurity […]

Google Is Going To Oblige Phone Makers to Offer Security Updates. Google is legitimately obligating phone makers to provide smartphones with software updates.   Android security chief Dave Kleidermacher told this during an explanation on development conference Google I/O. “We are working on making security updates part of our agreements […]

ING Sees some Customers Rising Despite the Remuneration Discussion. ING succeeded in attracting more customers and selling more loans in the first quarter, despite the high-level debate about the salary of CEO Ralph Hamers.   The bank also benefited from lower risk costs, with the result that the profit increased, […]

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