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Grandson Robert Kennedy Loses Massachusetts Primary

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Joe Kennedy, the grandson of Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, who was murdered in 1968, has lost the Democratic primary in the state of Massachusetts to incumbent Senator Ed Markey.


It will defend its seat against the Republicans in the upcoming senatorial elections in the northeastern state.

Kennedy has since called Markey to congratulate him on the election win. The race between the two Democrats in the United States is regarded as a titanic political struggle.

Markey never lost an election in his political career, and a Kennedy never lost in the home state of the illustrious political dynasty, The Washington Post recently wrote.

Joe Kennedy III (39) is considered an up-and-coming talent within the Democratic party. The scion of the illustrious Irish-American family is currently in the House of Representatives, the lower house of the US Congress.

Markey, 74, is seen in the US as one of the flag-bearers of the climate movement and has made reducing greenhouse gas emissions a prominent place on his political agenda.

He will likely be reelected, as Massachusetts has traditionally been a Democratic stronghold.

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