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UN Human Rights Chief Goes to China for a Week, Including Xinjiang

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United Nations Human Rights Commissioner Michelle Bachelet will visit China, including the northwestern region of Xinjiang, for nearly a week on Monday.


According to several Western powers, genocide is committed there against the original population, the Uyghurs related to Turks.

At the invitation of the Chinese government, Chilean ex-President Bachelet will take a look at the country accused of numerous human rights violations as a UN Commissioner. She visits Beijing, Guangzhou in the south and Kashgar and Urumqi in Xinjiang, among others.

The colossal autonomous province with an estimated population of more than 25 million has been overrun by Han Chinese, especially in the past seventy years. After World War II, only 6 percent of the population was Han Chinese and more than 82 percent belonged to the predominantly Muslim Uyghur population. The population is now more than seven times larger and 45 percent are Uyghurs.

The Han Chinese make up about 42 percent of the population. The People’s Republic has been ruthlessly oppressing the Uyghur population since the 1990s. According to Beijing, this is not true and the region is flourishing thanks in part to the arrival of Chinese immigrants, knowledge and investments.

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