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R. Kelly Calls Accusations Total Nonsense

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R. Kelly calls Accusations total Nonsense: “Victims are Furious Groupies.” R. Kelly has asked the Chicago judge for immediate release.


The singer wants to await his trial in freedom.

The 52-year-old artist says that he is not a danger to society,

 because the accusations against him are total nonsense.

“Fans fought for attention”
According to Kelly’s lawyers, the alleged victims visited the singer himself.

“The groupies wanted Roberts attention, and they even fought among themselves,

 contacted him voluntarily, came to his shows and wanted him,” says in court documents.

The lawyers even call the five women ‘furious groupies’.

After all these years, they would only have made a report because of a documentary and an “aggressive,

 loud prosecutor” who subsequently called on victims to report.

The team that assists R. Kelly has in particular provided for one of the women.

She would not have been a minor at all when she was in contact with the singer.

They also say that the woman has been promiscuous in the past.

Kelly was arrested at the beginning of this month on suspicion of,

 for example, fornication with minors and child pornography.

His appeal to be issued on bail was rejected by the court two weeks ago.

If the singer is convicted of all cases for which he is suspected,

 he may receive a prison sentence of 195 years.

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