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Trump: ‘EU Treats The US As Badly As China’

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Trump: ‘EU treats the US as Badly as China. US President Donald Trump is still not very satisfied with the European Union’s trade policy, even though a far-reaching trade war was prevented last year with some commitments.


“To be honest, the European Union treats us as badly as China,” said Trump on Friday.

The US government is currently conducting trade talks with both China and the European Union.

According to the American president, there is a lot of improvement in the talks with China.

“I think a deal is coming soon. I think they need it very badly,” Trump said.

Trump states about the talks with the EU that he has no intention of lifting the 25 percent import tariff on medium-sized company cars.

This so-called ‘chicken tax’ (chicken tax, ed.) Dates back to the sixties, and was initially revenge of the Americans on European import tariffs on American chicken meat.

Trump is willing to lift all import tariffs on specific products but does not want to do that with cars.

“If they set up their factories in the United States, they will not be worried by import tariffs,” Trump said.

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