What Is The Idea Of Goodnet?

Simply put, Goodnet is a gateway to doing good. Goodnet’s founder, Shari Arison, came up with a network that empowers users to take positive action while amplifying their goodness independently. With the help of Goodnet and its resources, people can share their goodness anytime, anywhere, and in whatever field of interest is closest to their heart.

What Is Goodnet?

Goodnet is a media platform that inspires positive impact. Arison believes that doing good is a state of mind that accompanies every action and shines through every thought. She also believes that doing good starts from within and even the smallest gesture can speak volumes and make a positive difference in someone’s life.

It Is A State Of Mind

Yes, doing good has to do with one’s mind. Goodnet was created as a way to bring like-minded people together and show them the way to doing good and promoting positive change in the world. On Goodnet, you can share stories and engage with others who are looking to spread kindness.

You’ll encounter those who speak about their own experiences. There is also a fair variety of infographics, quizzes, and lists that many will find useful as they set out on their own journey of doing good.

Ultimately, the idea behind Goodnet was to unite people and give them access to helpful resources as they try to achieve the same goal: to do good for themselves and others.

What You Can Find

In addition to what we have already mentioned, you can discover different organizations listed on Goodnet that you can help. On the website, you will find sites, apps, and services encouraging good in the community. You can also use the site to look for current events around the world if you need some inspiration for your own endeavors.

Making Connections

Ultimately, Goodnet is about making connections and linking people to one another. It is a great way to create a diverse group of compatible individuals who want to grow and learn together while making positive changes in their life, in society, in their community, and around the world.

If you want to be seen and heard, then you can do so on Goodnet. If you want to read personal stories to get the motivation and encouragement you need to move forward, you will find many on Goodnet as well.

Shari Arison created it as a platform for us to connect and do good. It is a place of collaboration. It is a platform for exchanging ideas, and it is a helpful resource when you need encouragement and inspiration to help yourself and others.

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